FINE TUNING is the art of changing with the times. It is using the natural gifts of the 6 senses to connect with what you want, need and must deal with, in order to get results in your life that make it feel right in the present. Being fine tuned is how to get through these changes and come out feeling good.Have you ever had a feeling that someone was watching you and turned around to find it true? Have you ever had a feeling that something was terribly wrong, and it was? How many decisions have you made because “it felt right?”

Known as our sixth sense, intuition is a big part of our lives, but Jane Bernard, author of
Fine Tuning: Connect With Your Inner Power, says people don’t always know how to use intuition to its full potential. “We take our senses for granted. Many people make decisions based on analytical thought rather than focusing on what feels right. That’s why some people feel stuck, confused, as if something is not right. It might be time to fine tune your sixth sense,” says Bernard.

It has been said that if you want to make your dreams come true the first thing you have to do is wake up. Fine Tuning will do that. If you stop to remember what makes you feel good as you focus on where you want to be, then you will become a person with purpose.

Learning how to fine tune your senses can empower your life in many ways: help you lose weight, cure loneliness, improve business environment, and help you achieve clarity and inner strength. Because this keeps you in touch with your body and emotions,
FINE TUNING will improve your sex life.

The only way to fine tune your senses is by using them. For example: use your eyes. Look at what is in front of you. Even if you’ve seen it a thousand times before, really focus on your sense of sight and chances are you’ll see new aspects of the object in front of you. Use this technique with all of your senses. “Once you’ve learned how to master your five senses, intuition falls into place,” says Bernard. “You have to be open to intuition and you must take time to see your surrounding in a way you normally take for granted.”

Intuition is the inner drive that puts you on the path of possibility. It’s the sum of your potential and it’s always available – you can learn how to tap into it on demand.

FINE TUNING is designed to re-connect you with your intuition. It can be opened up at any page to find a soundbite of insight. Hold the book in your hand, think about what's on your mind then open the book and connect.
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