Our intuition is our personal trainer, our internal guidance system and the key to our dreams- so.. why do we have trouble recognizing it? The reason is because we don’t recognize it is our habits. Our habits create an attitude of entitlement, which is ultimately self-defeating. FINE TUNING the senses is a form of empowering our life. Our senses give us two things: pleasure and protection. This is real power.

When our senses are fine tuned we have a sense of clarity. Clarity is a form of focus and focus is a feeling of control. When we feel control we feel strong. Being fine tuned is a form of awareness which means an openness to receive opportunities and to avoid pitfalls along our path.

Fine tuning writing exercises enhance insights because they encourage us to appreciate our sense of sight by using our eyes. They stimulate us realized the gift of hearing by choosing to be aware of what we hear. Fine tuning our taste creates not only delight in our food but also perspective in our diet. Ultimately FINE TUNING creates a clarity of mind which gives us the ability to communicate our needs and desires in ways that get the results that can move our life forward.

These writing exercises ultimately fine tune our 6th sense which is our intuition. Our intuition is the curator of our life. Intuition clarifies perspective and reminds us of our hearts desires. When we trust our intuition, it relieves anxiety.

FINE TUNING THE SENSES writing exercises are for all 6 senses. This simple eBook is for all ages. Originally written to help writers enhance their creativity, FINE TUNING THE SENSES makes everyone feel good.
The first draft is sacred. After that it’s time to write. Writing to communicate is where compassion is traded for clarity and creativity becomes an extreme sport. Re-writing is intrinsic to the writing process. Re-writing brings out the whip. It is a discipline of focus so intense that there are very few who get it right. Writing as an extreme sport is pulling out all the stops to impact your reader, achieve your goal and make your point with style.

Re-writing is how writing is taken from an impulse to an art. It is often alluded to and rarely defined. For some it’s a daunting task, for others a blessed relief. The art of clearly communicating the written word is surprisingly elusive. Any person can sit down and write everything that comes into their head, but an author is one who can judge his own stuff’s worth, without pity, and throw out most of it.

Re-writing is not the same as editing. Editing generally involves technical assembly, preparing or modifying for publication. It has been said that writing is an act of discovery. Re-writing is uncovering a gemstone. Re-writing is channeling energy, concepts and speech forms to communicate or have specific impact. The one who mines, cuts and sets the diamond has done the re-write.

Because writing is a solitary undertaking that evolves through re-writing, patience and perseverance are part of the writing process. Re-writing is an act of discovery. Re-writing is refining, clarifying and emphasizing your writing to achieve the desired affect.

This e-book is designed to be used as a reference and guide as you go about the process of re-writing your work. The goal is for your words to communicate your needs and desires. You write to achieve a kind of momentum. There are 11 rules for re-writing that if followed will give you the perfect pitch. Just like a pitcher practices his throws, perfecting curve balls, fast balls and form, a writer re-writes refine his or her pitch.

Follow my technique and discover that like the athlete, the writer uses certain reflective exercises to prime his or her skills. Like every extreme athlete, get ready to take chances make gut judgment decisions and keep ruthlessly focused

Fine Tuning the Senses


Writing as an Extreme Sport

"Writing is easy. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."                           - Ernest Hemingway


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