Fine Tuning the Senses eCourse Preview




When we don’t see what’s in front of us we go through stop signs, miss opportunities and perceive life blindly. In relationships, people miss signals from loved ones. Eye contact is empowering. The eyes have been called the window to the soul and still we basically ignore them unless it’s to wear glasses or put on eye make-up.

Eyes are a powerful source of discovering insight. Use your eyes to recognize what you have. See what matters to you and what is cluttering your life or your job or your love. Eyes are amazing! People who are blind are handicapped. You are reading this because you have the gift of sight- and the gift of mind. Let your eyes and mind work together with your heart and rediscover the colors, shadows and light of your world.

Exercise 1
With our eyes we see colors, movement, shadows and light, contrast, energy and texture. Look around you at what you see right now i.e. the window, a pillow, a light switch, a photograph, a molding, a table, etc. Choose one of these and describe it using all of these aspects of vision.

Exercise 2
Think about your favorite color. What does it reminds you of? Describe, in detail the how this color makes you feel. What is your least favorite color? Why? What does it reminds you of?

Exercise 3
Look at someone or something that you love- a person, a pet, a picture- your choice. What do you see? Write it down.

Look at this someone/something again, this time as if you will never have the chance to look at this wonderful image again. Now, what do you see? Write it down.

Exercise 4
Look at your hands. What do they say about you? What have they held? How do they serve you? What can you see about your self?

Exercise 5
Go to the mirror and look at your eyes. Take your time. What do you see? After you describe the shape, color, etc, tell what emotions you see inside your eyes.

Exercise 6
Nature is the ultimate art exhibit- clouds, trees, grass, flowers, squirrels, etc. If you live in a city it’s an exhibit of speed, sound, steel and smells. Look at your environment and then pause. Stop all movement and let your eyes take it all in. Memorize in your mind what you see. Close your eyes and see what you have memorized. When you have time, write it down. Describe it as if you are describing an art masterpiece. Feel free to get carried away as you write. Don’t edit any tangents. It is all good.