Fine Tuning Merchandise
Fine Tuning book cover This book can be read from beginning to end or spontaneously opened to any page and read as an oracle. However you choose to Fine Tune, you can be sure to feel a boost of clarity as you go about your day. Enjoy.

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Fine Tuning Spoken CD This  CD lets you Fine Tune as you go about your day. Listen to your favorite page or have Jane’s voice guide you through the process of connecting with your internal guidance system calmly and with humor. The Fine Tuning CD is the intuitive way to connect. Enjoy.

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Fine Tuning Spoken CD

Fine Tuning book cover
This money saving combo includes the Fine Tuning book and the Fine Tuning CD, narrated by Jane Bernard, so you can easily Fine Tune at home and on the go. A great way to maintain perspective wherever you are. Enjoy.

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Warrior Mind by Jane Bernard

Warrior Mind, POWER WRITING eBook is part of the FINE TUNING series. It is a complete reference and guide for the art of re-writing. Incorporated in this book are exercises for FINE TUNING our senses to achieve our writing potential. Whether writing a novel or a note, we write to be heard. When we are connected to our inner power - which we experience as passion or drive - our words hit the mark. Reading Warrior Mind, POWER WRITING will put you in control of achieving your goals.

Warrior Mind, POWER WRITING is for every person who wants to maximize their potential through clear communication. This eBook includes exercises in every chapter demonstrating how to achieve our writing goals.

Chapters include insight on jump starting your writing, procrastination and how to deal with it, the value of humor, dealing with writer's block, dealing with stress, our love affair with words and more.

Warrior Mind, POWER WRITING is a 'must have' reference for every writer. PDF format, 183 pages.

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